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Alternative Name(s) Gentlemen's Agreement between a Rabbit and a Wolf;  The Gentlemen's Agreement between a Rabbit and a Wolf;  Usagi to Ookami no Shinshikyoutei;  ウサギと狼の紳士協定 
Release Year2008
Status Completed
Author Oumi Shinano 
Artist Oumi Shinano 
Genres ComedyDramaRomanceSmutYaoi 
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Usagi to Ookami no Shinshi Kyoutei
1-5) Togawa Ryouji is the new sales employee of a Toy Company. He and Kairou Reiji came into the company at the same time. They are just like water and oil and can never get along with each other. The management wanted them to cooperate to do sales out in the streets. Kairou always annoyed Togawa with his words during work. But when Togawa saw the nude back of Kairou in the changing room, he actually had a nosebleed!?

6) Sakura Ice Beauty
Fushijiro-sensei is known as a cool beauty, but playful sensei Takatou always manages to get under his skin. With Fushijiro's feelings for the older man tied up in a past incident that Takatou doesn't seem to remember, will he ever be ab  ...more
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