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Alternative Name(s) Taiken -The Experience-;  The Experience;  タイケン 
Release Year2005
Status Completed
Author Anisaki Yuna 
Artist Anisaki Yuna 
Genres AdultGender BenderJoseiMatureOne ShotRomanceSchool LifeShoujoSmutSupernaturalTragedy 
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"Wanna book a room with me?” It was only meant to be some harmless teasing! Aoi’s never even had a first love but now a mysterious boy has accepted her joking offer seriously. From a misunderstanding, Aoi and the boy start a passionate relationship. It’s only physical, right? Or has Aoi unconsciously started to fall in love with him?

- Tengoku No Tsuki - At an all girls school, Yuuri is the idolized, boyish and tall, upperclassman. With rumors of the "Perverted Hand" flying about the school, what will Yuuri do when her best friend is the next victim?

- (Chapter 3 continues Tengoku No Tsuki) Protecting Eien\'s secret and granting his happiness is Yuuri\  ...more
ChapterOnline ReaderDate Added
Taiken Vol.01 Ch.005
MF   RM   MH  
May 30th, 2016
Taiken Vol.01 Ch.004
MF   RM   MH  
May 30th, 2016
Taiken Vol.01 Ch.003
MF   RM   MH  
May 30th, 2016
Taiken Vol.01 Ch.002
MF   RM   MH  
May 30th, 2016
Taiken Vol.01 Ch.001
MF   RM   MH  
May 30th, 2016