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Alternative Name(s) Ang Sarili Kong Prinsesa;  Ang Sarili Kong Prinsesa (Filipino);  Công chúa của tôi(vietnam)m أميرتي (Arabic);  My Own Angel;  My Own Princess;  Princess Just for Me;  나만의 공주님;  나만의 공주님, My Own Angel, My Own Princess, Princess Just for Me 
Release Year2009
Status Ongoing
Authors Hwang Mi RiHwang MiHwang Mi-ri 
Artists Hwang Mi RiHwang MiHwang Mi-ri 
Genres ComedyFantasyRomanceSchool LifeShoujo 
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Read Direction Read from Left to Right (manhwa style)
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Personalized Princess
Bishie boy that got transferred and visited Ohn Noori, Lee Sun-Uh. I was surely suprised that my father, who I never met myself, had sent him, but to say he's one of my fiancé candidates!

My father is the king of a secret kingdom?
Oh my~ ♥
Then I... am a princess?

With two fiancé candidates, I ended up with a happy headache...
Ahhhh~ ♥
Who should I pick to make the right choice?
From Loyal Kiss