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Alternative Name(s) 俺は恋の覇王様 
Release Year2006
Status Completed
Author Chitose Piyoko 
Artist Chitose Piyoko 
Genre Yaoi 
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Read Direction Read from Left to Right (manhwa style)
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Ore wa Koi no Haousama
1-4) I am the Champion of Love
Top model Asagi has a tooth ache, but after meeting the single dentist, Yui, it's not just his tooth that aches. But Yui is not interested in a relationship and just wants Asagi to go away. Can Asagi convince Yui that there is more to life than work? Can dental chairs really be used that way?

5) Holding onto Love
Hiroyuki is always being compared to his older brother, Kouichi, and he always loses. Even Hiroyuki's crush, Kei sempai confesses to Kouichi. Will Hiroyuki fight for the one he loves?

6) Only You Can
When his younger cousin Touya moves in, bored Masayasu decides to have some fun with the strait-laced student. But what   ...more
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