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Alternative Name(s) Kingdom of the Beasts;  Звериное королевство;  เผด็จการรักนายหน้าหล่อ (Thai);  百兽王国;  百獣キングダム 
Release Year2009
Status Completed
Author Takagi Shigeyoshi 
Artist Takagi Shigeyoshi 
Genres ComedySchool LifeShoujo 
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Hyakujuu Kingdom
Taiga Shishio, the Student Council President, is a notorious tyrant. And yet, the only person that can stop him is his faithful Vice President Momoko. School, love, and trouble collide in this amazing story of student leadership!

Contains the oneshot Bitter Trap.
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Hyakujuu Kingdom Vol.01 Ch.004
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Apr 20th, 2015
Hyakujuu Kingdom Vol.01 Ch.003
MR   MF   RM   MH  
Apr 20th, 2015
Hyakujuu Kingdom Vol.01 Ch.002
MR   MF   RM   MH  
Apr 20th, 2015
Hyakujuu Kingdom Vol.01 Ch.001
MR   MF   RM   MH  
Apr 20th, 2015