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Alternative Name(s)
Release Year2009
Status Completed
Author Sichol=bell  
Artist Sichol=bell  
Genres FantasyShounenTragedy 
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Holy Glory
19th century England. Christmas Day.

A young thief, Salt, and his partner-in-crime Pierre come across a strange-looking traveller with a penchant for sweets. The only thing of value Salt finds in the traveller’s bag is an odd compass, so he steals it – only for monsters to come after him a few hours later! Why are they after Salt? And what does the traveller want with him?? It’s a fantastic winter tale of magic!
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ChapterOnline ReaderDate Added
Holy Glory Vol.01 Ch.004
Dec 11th, 2017
Holy Glory Vol.01 Ch.003
Dec 11th, 2017
Holy Glory Vol.01 Ch.002
Dec 11th, 2017
Holy Glory Vol.01 Ch.001
Dec 11th, 2017