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Alternative Name(s) Abe no Seimei Koi Monogatari 2;  Abe no Seimei Koi Monogatari 2 - Hanakanmuri no Hime;  花灯りの約束―安倍晴明恋語り 4;  華の宴―安倍清明恋語り 1;  華咲みの乙女―安倍晴明恋語り 3;  華冠の姫―安倍晴明恋語り 2;  Flower Banquet;  Hana Akari no Yakusoku;  Hana no Utage (TAKADA Tami);  Hanaemi no Otome;  The Flower Blossom Girl;  The Flower Crown Princess;  花灯りの約束―安倍晴明恋語り 4;  華の宴―安倍清明恋語り 1;  華冠の姫――安倍晴明恋語り――;  華冠の姫―安倍晴明恋語り 2;  華冠の姫―安部晴明恋語り;  華咲みの乙女―安倍晴明恋語り 3 
Release Year2000
Status Ongoing
Author Takada Tami 
Artist Takada Tami 
Genres FantasyHistoricalRomanceShoujoSupernaturalTragedy 
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Hanakanmuri no Hime
This volume consists of three short stories, each involving a different princess and a mysterious exorcist. All stories deal with a central theme of foregoing sorrow and the appreciation/affirmation of what one has in life:

The Golden Phoenix, the Silver Phoenix - A princess longs for a lost love and almost loses her life until a mysterious exorcist opens her heart and mind to the truth and to what has been right in front of her all along.

The Hime with the Flower Crown - A young princess learns with the help of a mysterious young boy that putting away childish things may ultimately lead to a fulfilling new world and to the fulfilment of her beloved father  ...more