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Alternative Name(s) .hack//GU+;  dot hack GU plus;  ドッハックジーユープラス 
Release Year2006
Status Completed
Author Hamazaki Tatsuya 
Artists Hamazaki TatsuyaIzumi Rei 
Genres ActionAdventureFantasySci-fiShounenSupernatural 
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Haseo is a player in the mega multiplayer online game The World R:2. After his close friend Shino is attacked by the PK Tri-Edge and ends up falling into a coma he becomes an infamous PKK known as "The Terror of Death." He searches for and eventually ends up finding Tri-Edge and they fight. After losing to Tri-Edge Haseo is introduced to the G.U. They tell him that he is a Epitaph User and ask him to join them in their hunt for the AIDA, which are wrecking havoc on The World
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