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Alternative Name(s) D Gray Man;  D. Gray man;  D. Gray-man;  D. Grayman;  D. グレー;  D.Gray Man;  D.Grayman;  DGray man;  Dī Gureiman;  D·格雷少年;  ดี.เกรย์แมน;  ディー・グレイマン;  驱魔少年;  디 그레이 맨 
Release Year2004
Status Ongoing
Author Katsura Hoshino 
Artist Katsura Hoshino 
Genres ActionAdventureComedyFantasyHistoricalHorrorShounenSupernaturalTragedy 
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Read Direction Read from Left to Right (manhwa style)
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Akuma, monsters born from dead souls mistakenly recalled by their loved ones to the living world, are the weapons of the Millenium Earl, who is intent on the destruction of the world. Allen Walker has been cursed with an anti-Akuma weapon as his left arm and an eye that sees the former soul of the Akuma since his youth. He is also one of the few who contain "Innocence", a substance that allows him to kill Akuma and fight the Earl. With these powers, he joins the Black Priest Organization as an Exorcist and sets out with other Exorcists to stop the Earl's attempts to annihilate the human race
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