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Cinderella Boy (SUGIURA Shiho)   Follow

Alternative Name(s) Cinderella (Boy) Kakuritsuron;  Cinderella Boy (yaoi);  シンデレラ(BOY)確率論 
Release Year1996
Status Ongoing
Author Sugiura Shiho 
Artist Sugiura Shiho 
Genres RomanceShounen-Ai 
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Read Direction Read from Left to Right (manhwa style)
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Cinderella Boy (SUGIURA Shiho)
At 23, Nagamori Kasumi is the new employee of a model agency but his cute face makes him look much younger than his real age. The most famous Japanese model, Nishimuro Shiki, works at the same agency... He is the so called Cinderella Boy. But he is in fact an 18 year old kid with a pretty harsh personality who drives all of his assistants away one after the other. Having enough of his constant whims, the manager tells him to choose up his own assistant. And Shiki decides to pick Kasumi...
From Essence of Purity