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Alternative Name(s) Chō Mukiryoku Sentai Japa-Five;  Cho-Mukiryoku Sentai Japafive;  Chou-Mukiryoku Sentai JapaFive;  Choumukiryoku Sentai Japafaibu;  超无气力战队 激爆五人组;  超無気力戦隊ジャパファイブ 
Release Year2006
Status Ongoing
Author Satou Masaki 
Artist Satou Masaki 
Genres ActionComedyEcchiSeinen 
Rank 16928th, 0 daily view
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Read Direction Read from Right to Left (manga style)
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Choumukiryoku Sentai Japafive
Akabane accidentally discovers that his classmate Sumomo is one of the Japafive Rangers. He is then recruited as one of the Japafive Rangers but things don't go very smoothly.

It's not serious, feels more like a gag parody more than anything else
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