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Alternative Name(s) Maybe Friday;  Mr. Friday (Indonesian);  P.M. Dream;  ちょっとフライデイ;  ちょっとフライデイ\;  正好星期五 
Release Year1982
Status Completed
Authors Hikawa KyokoHikawa Kyouko 
Artists Hikawa KyokoHikawa Kyouko 
Genres DramaOne ShotRomanceShoujo 
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Read Direction Read from Left to Right (manhwa style)
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Chotto Friday
On a rainy Friday, Yayoi makes an effort to go to the store to get a new pair of glasses. With her poor eye sight she ends up bumping into a guy who is soaking wet and this guy ends up helping her get to the store. He runs off quickly and Yayoi is unable to thank him. From that day onwards she labels him as Mr. Friday and has him constantly on her mind. Now her life is filled with wonder and questions as she fumbles to try and find the truth about who Mr. Friday might really be. Can it really be someone from her school?
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ChapterOnline ReaderDate Added
Chotto Friday Vol.01 Ch.004
Jul 10th, 2016
Chotto Friday Vol.01 Ch.003
Jul 10th, 2016
Chotto Friday Vol.01 Ch.001
Jun 6th, 2016
Chotto Friday Vol.01 Ch.000
Dec 11th, 2017