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Alternative Name(s) A Little Snow Fairy Sugar;  Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar;  ちっちゃな雪使いシュガー 
Release Year2000
Status Ongoing
Author Aoi Haruka 
Artists Aoi HarukaKoge Donbo 
Genres ComedyFantasySchool LifeShoujo 
Rank 13278th, 0 daily view
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Read Direction Read from Right to Left (manga style)
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Chicchana Yukitsukai Sugar
Saga is a tidy young girl, living an ordinary life with her grandmother in a pleasant small town. One day she comes across a tiny pink-haired creature who seems to be ill. Thinking it might be hungry, Saga feeds it and brings it home.

The creature turns out to be snow fairy apprentice Sugar, a hyperactive, cheerful little fairy with magical skills and the ability to make snow...and she can only be seen by Saga! Now, what is Saga going to do with such a whimsical little thing invading her well-planned life, and will Sugar ever accomplish what she came to the human world for?
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