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Alternative Name(s) A Trail of Blood;  Blood on the Tracks;  血の轍;  血の轍 A Trail of Blood Blood on the Tracks 
Release Year2017
Status Ongoing
Authors Oshimi ShuuzouOshimi Shuzo 
Artists Oshimi ShuuzouOshimi Shuzo 
Genres DramaPsychologicalSchool LifeSeinenSlice of Life 
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Chi no Wadachi
ChapterOnline ReaderDate Added
Chi no Wadachi Ch.038  new
RM   MR   MF  
Chi no Wadachi Ch.037
RM   MF  
Nov 5th, 2018
Chi no Wadachi Ch.036
RM   MR   MF  
Oct 11th, 2018
Chi no Wadachi Ch.035
MF   RM   MR  
Sep 4th, 2018
Chi no Wadachi Ch.034
MF   MR  
Aug 13th, 2018
Chi no Wadachi Ch.033
MR   MF   RM  
Jul 29th, 2018
Chi no Wadachi Ch.032
MR   RM   MF  
Jul 16th, 2018
Chi no Wadachi Ch.031
MF   MR   RM  
Jun 24th, 2018
Chi no Wadachi Ch.030
MR   MF   RM  
Jun 12th, 2018
Chi no Wadachi Ch.029
MF   MR   RM  
May 29th, 2018
Chi no Wadachi Ch.028
MF   MR   RM  
May 13th, 2018
Chi no Wadachi Ch.027
MF   RM   MR  
Apr 30th, 2018
Chi no Wadachi Ch.026
MF   RM   MR  
Apr 15th, 2018
Chi no Wadachi Ch.025
MF   RM   MR  
Apr 8th, 2018
Chi no Wadachi Ch.024
MF   MR   RM  
Mar 13th, 2018
Chi no Wadachi Ch.023
MR   RM  
Feb 28th, 2018
Chi no Wadachi Ch.022
MR   RM  
Feb 12th, 2018
Chi no Wadachi Ch.021
MR   RM  
Jan 30th, 2018
Chi no Wadachi Ch.020
MR   RM  
Jan 13th, 2018
Chi no Wadachi Ch.019
MR   RM  
Dec 23rd, 2017
Chi no Wadachi Ch.018
MR   MH   RM  
Dec 10th, 2017
Chi no Wadachi Ch.017
MF   MR   RM   RM   MH  
Nov 15th, 2017
Chi no Wadachi Ch.016
MR   RM   MH   RM  
Oct 29th, 2017
Chi no Wadachi Ch.015
MF   RM   MR   MH   RM  
Oct 12th, 2017
Chi no Wadachi Ch.014
RM   MR   MH   RM  
Sep 22nd, 2017
Chi no Wadachi Ch.013
RM   MR   MH   MF   RM  
Sep 9th, 2017
Chi no Wadachi Ch.012
RM   MR   MH   MF   RM  
Aug 28th, 2017
Chi no Wadachi Ch.011
RM   MR   MH   MF   RM  
Aug 10th, 2017
Chi no Wadachi Ch.010
MR   RM   MH   MF   RM  
Jul 28th, 2017
Chi no Wadachi Ch.009
RM   MR   MH   MF   RM  
Jul 14th, 2017
Chi no Wadachi Ch.008
RM   MR   MH   MF   RM  
Jun 23rd, 2017
Chi no Wadachi Ch.007.5
MF   MH  
Oct 9th, 2017
Chi no Wadachi Ch.007
RM   MF   MR   MH   RM  
May 25th, 2017
Chi no Wadachi Ch.006
RM   MH   MF   MR   RM  
May 12th, 2017
Chi no Wadachi Ch.005
RM   MH   MF   MR   RM  
Apr 28th, 2017
Chi no Wadachi Ch.004
RM   MH   MF   MR   RM  
Apr 18th, 2017
Chi no Wadachi Ch.003
RM   MH   MF   MR   RM  
Mar 27th, 2017
Chi no Wadachi Ch.002
MF   MH   RM   MR   RM  
Mar 11th, 2017
Chi no Wadachi Ch.001
RM   MF   MH   MR   RM  
Feb 27th, 2017