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Alternative Name(s) Dream Park De Mattete;  The Cherry Project;  The チェリー・プロジェクト;  Theチェリー・プロジェクト;  チェリー・プロジェクト;  櫻桃計劃;  Theチェリー・プロジェクト 
Release Year1990
Status Completed
Author Takeuchi Naoko 
Artist Takeuchi Naoko 
Genres DramaPsychologicalRomanceShoujoSports 
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Read Direction Read from Left to Right (manhwa style)
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Cherry Project
A fourteen year old girl named Asuka Chieri, daughter of an All Japan skating champion. Befriended with her childhood inspiration, Masanori Tsuzuki, Chieri reveals to be a prodigy iceskater, but with a fatal flaw. While finding herself, her love, and her passion, Chieri searches for the key that she is missing. So becomes The Cherry Project
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