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Alternative Name(s) Checkmate (Daewon);  체크메이트 
Release Year2009
Status Ongoing
Author Kim Sangyeop 
Artist Kim Sangyeop 
Genres ActionComedySci-fiShounen 
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Read Direction Read from Left to Right (manhwa style)
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Checkmate (KIM SangYeop)
From a place in a different dimension from Earth, a world called 'Lote'. It is a world of androids, comprising of a queen, princess, rook, bishop, and knights under the command of a main computer. However, one of the main computer, the princess suddenly disappeared and the world of Lote falls into chaos. In order to find the princess, the head of secretary, Dion, travels to our world, Earth. There, he meets a high school student SeoYoon, and from this incident the life of SeoYoon takes a 180 degree turn...!!
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Checkmate (KIM SangYeop) Vol.01 Ch.001.1
MF   MH  
Jun 5th, 2017