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Alternative Name(s) カリスマ (石原理);  超凡的魅力 
Release Year2001
Status Ongoing
Author Ishihara Satoru 
Artist Ishihara Satoru 
Genres ActionDramaMatureMysteryPsychologicalRomanceSmutYaoi 
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Read Direction Read from Right to Left (manga style)
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Charisma (ISHIHARA Satoru)
It is a multi-perspective story following several different characters. The central character is Archer Rogue. Archer's entire family is a bit off-kilter. His father Ed is bi-polar due to physical abuse from his father as a child. As a result, he beats Archer at times ("for his own good"), or swings to a scared, child-like persona and is incapable of even feeding himself. Archer's childhood was understandably difficult, and he's a rather closed-off, violent person as a result. His older half-brother Murphy is mentally retarded.
The story follows Archer (street name: El Gato) as he works with Deano to infiltrate the drug cartel that has a long-standing grudge agai  ...more
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