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Alternative Name(s) CAFN;  Fantastic Night;  Magical Nights in the City of Eternal Peace;  Trường An Huyễn Dạ;  长安幻夜 (韩露) 
Release Year2008
Status Ongoing
Authors Mian Tang XiongMian TangMian Tang Xiong (面堂兄)Mian Tang Xiong (面堂兄)[add]  
Artists Mian Tang XiongHan Lu 
Genres DramaHistoricalMysteryRomanceShoujoSupernatural 
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Read Direction Read from Right to Left (manga style)
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Chang an Fantastic Night
During the period when the Tang Dynasty was at its peak of success, imperial court general, Huangfu Duanhua, was whisked away into a series of bizarre and supernatural events after his friend accidentally stepped into a store owned by a Persian merchant. This then led to many incidents that were kept sealed by the empire for a thousand years…
Court disputes, strife in the royal family… As the wheels of the perilous history are set in motion, where will they lead?
From Esthétique