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Alternative Name(s) Category Freaks;  Kategorie: Stvůry;  カテゴリ:フリークス 
Release Year2003
Status Ongoing
Authors Gokurakuin SakurakoKamijyo Akimine 
Artists Gokurakuin SakurakoKamijyo Akimine 
Genres ActionComedyMartial ArtsMatureMysterySeinenShounenSupernatural 
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Category: Freaks
Asagi Nanami is the director of Nanami Paranormal Investigations, where his supernatrual assistants Naoki Amano, Tokiko, and helper Mahime Yoshino, solve strange phenomena caused by \"Freaks.\" Masters of bodily possession, freaks are demonic creatures with a morbid purpose..
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Category: Freaks Vol.01 Ch.000
Dec 11th, 2017