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Alternative Name(s) Byoutou Shoujokan;  病棟少女間 
Release Year2000
Status Completed
Author Hazuki Tsubasa 
Artist Hazuki Tsubasa 
Genres MatureMysteryOne ShotSci-fiSeinenShoujo-AiShounenTragedy 
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Byouto Shoujo Kan
It was three months ago when Souka suffered a seizure... The name of the illness is the "I-Type Vibeil Outbreak." To summarize the illness, it basically multiplies the antibodies inside of her body by enormous amounts, causing the antibodies to attack her own body, which will eventually lead to her death. There is no cure for this illness, but there is one treatment. That is to deliver her antibodies to another patient, Cildy, by biting into her body to transfer the antibodies. Cildy also carries an illness called the "Louge Golge Syndrome" which is the complete opposite of Souka's I-Type Vibeil Outbreak and Cildy carries no antibodies, which will cause her to become  ...more
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Byouto Shoujo Kan Vol.01 Ch.001
Dec 11th, 2017