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Alternative Name(s) Teacher, Glasses, and I;  僕と先生とメガネ 
Release Year2005
Status Ongoing
Author Fujinari Yuuki 
Artist Fujinari Yuuki 
Genre Yaoi 
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Read Direction Read from Right to Left (manga style)
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Boku to Sensei to Megane
1) Anata no Tame no Houkenshitsu (The Infirmary is for your Sake!)

2) Tanoshii Tsuuhan Seikatsu (A Fun Mail-Order Life)

3) Tsukushi Jouzu? (Can You Handle This Love?)

4) Ani to Otouto no Reijiten to Souiten (The Similarities and Differences Between Older and Younger Brother

5) Sagashi Mono (Sought-After Things)

6) Shikaeshi Keikaku (Project Revenge)

7) Kimi to Boku no Toku Touseki (Your and my Special Seat)

8) Boku to Sensei to Megane (Teacher, Glasses, and I)

9) Tadashii Megane no Katsuyouhou (The Method of Using the Right Glasses)

10) Atogaki (Afterward)
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Boku to Sensei to Megane Vol.01 Ch.001
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Jun 5th, 2017