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Alternative Name(s) Boku no Aidoru;  My Idol (KAWASHITA Mizuki);  ボクのアイドル;  我的偶像 
Release Year2010
Status Completed
Author Kawashita Mizuki 
Artist Kawashita Mizuki 
Genres ComedyEcchiOne ShotSchool LifeShounen 
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Boku no Idol (KAWASHITA Mizuki)
This year, the student council has decided to add an exciting new contribution to the school's culture festival; an Idol performance! However, they don't actually have the money to hire any real Idols, so someone's going to have to train up an idol group from their female classmates. Hirano Harufumi is that unlucky someone. He has no interest in Idols at all, but he must put together a performance or risk expulsion from the school for his failure.

Not surprisingly, most high school girls are too embarrassed and self-conscious to dance and sing in front of their classmates in a skimpy outfit. When Harufumi tries to think about who he would like to see as an Idol, his tho  ...more
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Boku no Idol (KAWASHITA Mizuki) Vol.00 Ch.000
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May 29th, 2016