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Alternative Name(s) Alluring Sentiment;  Angel's Confession;  Boku dake no Kimi Kimi dake no Boku;  Doryoku no Jikan;  Hoshi to Tsuki;  Koi no Jikan;  Love Hour (Germany);  Mogura to Taiyou;  Temptation and Sentiment;  僕だけの君, 君だけの僕;  恋の時間;  戀愛課堂;  誘惑センチメント 
Release Year2010
Status Ongoing
Authors Naono BohraOhya Kazumi 
Artists Naono BohraOhya Kazumi 
Genres DramaOne ShotSchool LifeSmutYaoi 
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Read Direction Read from Left to Right (manhwa style)
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Boku dake no Kimi, Kimi dake no Boku
1-2) Yuuwaku Sentiment (Alluring Sentiment)
Tsukihara, vice-principal of a high school, is having an issue going about doing his everyday job. That issue being, Subaru Hoshino, an A+ student, and vice-president of the student council... a ''good'' boy... at least when in the presence of his teachers and fellow classmates.

But good ol' Hoshino has a rather naughty and possessive side that only Tsukihara knows. Hoshino, on a daily basis, has been harshly violating the confused and hurt Tsukihara. For no other reason but to fulfill his own sexual agenda. Or is there another reason for Hoshino to demand that his vice-principal spread his legs? Is Tsukiha  ...more