Blau wie Himmel, Meer &, Asul (Filipino), Blau - Wie Himmel, Blau - Wie Himmel, Meer und Liebe, Blue (CHIBA Kozue), BLUE บลู, Bughaw (Filipino), Liebe (German, Meer und Liebe, Mėlyna (Lithuanian), Niebieski (Polish), ブル, ブル-, ブル- (Japanese), manga, manga online, read manga, manga scans, read free manga, bookmark manga, manga chapter, online manga, manga volume, manga indexer, follow manga, manga downloads, free manga, read free manga online, manga viewer, manga download, japanese comic, track manga, manga release, mangafox, mangareader, mangastream, ourmanga" /> Blue (CHIBA Kozue) manga - Read, follow and share Blue (CHIBA Kozue) online for free at My Mangas

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Alternative Name(s) Blau wie Himmel, Meer &  Asul (Filipino);  Blau - Wie Himmel;  Blau - Wie Himmel, Meer und Liebe;  BLUE บลู;  Bughaw (Filipino);  Liebe (German;  Meer und Liebe;  Mėlyna (Lithuanian);  Niebieski (Polish);  ブル;  ブル-;  ブル- (Japanese) 
Release Year2009
Status Ongoing
Author Chiba Kozue 
Artist Chiba Kozue 
Genres DramaRomanceShoujo 
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Blue (CHIBA Kozue)
After three years Mimi comes back to the island where she had spent her childhood. She is greeted by her childhood friends Yousuke, Sumire and Hikari. Heartbroken in Tokyo, she has now came back to the beautiful island surrounded by the deep blue sea.
But among this four friends, friendship soon turns to love...!? A blue world spreads before your eyes, an unforgettable story begins.
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