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Alternative Name(s) ブラッド 
Release Year1997
Status Completed
Author Yura Tamaki 
Artist Yura Tamaki 
Genres DramaMaturePsychologicalRomanceTragedyYaoi 
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Read Direction Read from Right to Left (manga style)
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There's Vinny, the gang leader, and his best friend and sidekick Sean. Skip and Dick are, respectively, the errand boys and the muscle of the gang. And there's Vinny's younger brother Kyle, whom Vinny raised from a baby after his stepfather took off and his mother died of drug addiction. Vinny also has a neat girlfriend, Sandy. Vinny is rabidly homophobic (besides having a hate-on for almost everyone else- doctors, police, social workers, the usual.) Kyle is gay and getting it on with Sean. Trouble is just around the corner. Trouble happens, but with a long fuse. Things aren't over when Vinny finds that Sean's been screwing his baby brother and beats him to a pulp.  ...more
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