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Alternative Name(s) Tetsuwan Birdy;  鉄腕バーディー 
Release Year1985
Status Completed
Author Yuuki Masami 
Artist Yuuki Masami 
Genres ActionComedyEcchiGender BenderSchool LifeSci-fiShounen 
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Read Direction Read from Left to Right (manhwa style)
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Birdy the Mighty
While pursuing a criminal, the pretty but reckless interplanetary police officer Birdy Cephon Altirra accidentally kills Tsutomu, an earthling high school student. To make amends, Birdy is forced to share her own body with Tsutomu\'s spirit so that he can continue his own life. At first, Tsutomu knows nothing about his situation but soon discovers that his body is starting to take certain actions without his mind ordering it. In times of action, Birdy takes full control of their shared body, transforming it back into her original female form
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ChapterOnline ReaderDate Added
Birdy the Mighty Vol.01 Ch.003
MF   MH  
Jun 5th, 2017
Birdy the Mighty Vol.01 Ch.002
MF   MH  
Jun 5th, 2017
Birdy the Mighty Vol.01 Ch.001
MF   MH  
Jun 5th, 2017