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Alternative Name(s) Baal Zebub;  Baal Zevuv;  Baalzebub;  Baalzevuv;  Ba‘al Z?bûb;  Ba‘al Z?vûv;  Ba‘al Zebûb;  BeelzeBub (French);  Beezle Baby;  Belze Babu;  Belzebub;  beruze BABU;  beruzeBABU;  Đứa Con Của Ma Vương;  בעל זבוב(Hebrew);  เด็กพันธุ์นรกสั่งลุย;  เด็กพันธุ์นรกสั่งลุย.;  べるぜバブ;  恶魔奶爸;  魔王的父亲;  벨제부브 
Release Year2009
Status Completed
Authors Tamura RyūheiTamura RyuuheiTamura Ry?heiNakamura YoshikiMidorikawa YukiHijiri ChiakiSugii HikaruNanatsuki Kyoichi 
Artists Tamura RyūheiTamura RyuuheiTamura Ry?heiNakamura Yoshiki 
Genres ActionAdventureComedyDramaFantasyJoseiMartial ArtsOne ShotPsychologicalRomanceSchool LifeSeinenShoujoShounenSupernaturalTragedy 
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"Strongest juvenile delinquent" Oga Tatsumi, in the most random events, finds himself with the infant son of the Great Demon King and threat to humankind, Beelzebub. After being "greeted" by the baby's maid and caretaker, Hilda, it become obvious that Beelzebub doesn't want to leave Oga's side. With his close friend Furuichi and a bunch of other characters on hand, Oga now must raise baby Beel and prevent the world from destruction
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