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Alternative Name(s) バスタオル 
Release Year2004
Status Ongoing
Author Toribito Hiromi 
Artist Toribito Hiromi 
Genres ComedyYaoi 
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Read Direction Read from Left to Right (manhwa style)
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Bath Towel
Bath Towel is a quirky story about Izutsuya Anju, a self-proclaimed hedonist, and his friend/co-conspirator cameraman Monono Kejime. Together, they prostitute themselves and blackmail their way through the high school they still attend after failing to graduate three times. The latest victim is Koizumi Yuuji, younger brother of Jouji who has been in love with the mixed race Anju since elementary school. Both brothers become obsessed with the beautiful Anju, who will give his heart to no one because no man or woman can surpass Kaoru, the owner of his heart and apparently Anju's ex-boyfriend. Despite this, he still gives his bodies to the brothers and looks on them as friends. Things reall  ...more
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