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Alternative Name(s) Explosion Diva 21;  バクレツ★歌姫21 EXPLOSION DIVA;  バクレツ★歌姫21 EXPLOSION DIVA  
Release Year2001
Status Completed
Author Igarashi Kaoru 
Artist Igarashi Kaoru 
Genres ComedyDramaShoujo 
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Read Direction Read from Left to Right (manhwa style)
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Bakuretsu Utahime 21
"My name is Hanamura Megu, and a whirlwind circumstance landed me on a star search audition!! Once on stage, I had so much fun, and I was like one with the audience. Sadly, nobody walked away a winner. But me and three other girls caught the attention of a charismatic producer, and now he's giving us intensive training...?!"
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