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Baccano! 1931 The Grand Punk Railroad   Follow

Alternative Name(s) バッカーノ! ~ 1931The Grand Punk Railroad;  バッカーノ!1931 The Grand Punk Railroad 
Release Year2007
Status Ongoing
Author Narita Ryohgo 
Artists Ginyuu ShijinShijin Ginyu 
Genres ActionAdventureComedyFantasyHistoricalHorrorMysterySeinenShounen 
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Read Direction Read from Right to Left (manga style)
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Baccano! 1931 The Grand Punk Railroad
Based on a series of light novels.

A group of homicidal maniacs, gangsters, terrorist, and some eccentric thieves all board the same train. Some want to rob it, while others just want to create chaos. On top of all this some of these people seem to be immortal, and a mysterious being called "Rail Tracer" is terrorizing the train. What are the mysterious origins of all these events, and who will be able to survive the train's madness?
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