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Alternative Name(s) B-ウォンテッド;  魔法神偷;  B-ウォンテッド 
Release Year1999
Status Ongoing
Author Enue Kei 
Artist Enue Kei 
Genres AdventureRomanceShoujo 
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Read Direction Read from Left to Right (manhwa style)
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Sunao always thought she'd fall in love when she started junior high school. But there aren't any attractive boys at school. Still Sunao doesn't give up and meets two handsome upperclassmen. The kind and sensitive Toru and the cheerful and friendly Kaoru are members of the school Magic Club, which Sunao also joins. Then she finds out that Toru and Kaoru are actually thieves known as "B-apostrophe" who need Sunao's help as a master of the martial art Shinbu-ryu. They are trying to find the treasures hidden by the illustrious thief from the Taisho Era.

According to the legend, whoever finds seven glass balls and solves the seven secrets, hidden in each, wil  ...more