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Alternative Name(s) Azuraeru;  アズラエル 
Release Year1997
Status Completed
Author Nakamura Rumi 
Artist Nakamura Rumi 
Genres SupernaturalTragedyYaoi 
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Chapter 1-2: The Gift Of A Contract, A Pact With Angels
from hp : Vanir made a fortune selling "dolls": living, moving toys that will let you do anything to them. His economic success enabled him to buy a huge mansion but what Vanir had been seeking for years was an angel. When Vanir found a winged, broken "humanoid" (an obsolete doll), he called an expert repairman. Now that Vanir has found the "angel" Azrael, he thinks his dream has come true... but has it?

Chapter 3: Vampire's Kiss

Chapter 4: Water Demon's Lover

Chapter 5: Paradise Snow

Chapter Extra: Freetalk
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Azrael Vol.01 Ch.005.5
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Azrael Vol.01 Ch.005
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Azrael Vol.01 Ch.004
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Jun 5th, 2016
Azrael Vol.01 Ch.003
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Jun 5th, 2016
Azrael Vol.01 Ch.002
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Azrael Vol.01 Ch.001
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Jun 5th, 2016