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Alternative Name(s) アセンブラ0X 
Release Year1992
Status Ongoing
Author Asamiya Kia 
Artist Asamiya Kia 
Genres ComedyDramaRomanceSci-fiSeinen 
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Read Direction Read from Right to Left (manga style)
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Assembler 0X
Assembler, resident of the electronic dimension, died in an accident. In the sequel, she is revived as a human being and comically tries to do whatever she could not do before (taking driving lessons, trying to become an idol singer). Naturally, the story is full of jokes and humor, although our heroine is absolutely serious
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ChapterOnline ReaderDate Added
Assembler 0X Vol.01 Ch.003
Dec 11th, 2017
Assembler 0X Vol.01 Ch.002
Dec 11th, 2017
Assembler 0X Vol.01 Ch.001
Dec 11th, 2017