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Alternative Name(s) and Night;  Asa mo Hiru mo Yoru mo;  Asamo Hirumo Yorumo;  I Will Wait For You Backstage;  Morgens, Mittags, Abends (German);  Morning;  Morning, Noon and Night;  Noon;  Umaga, Tanghali at Gabi,Сутрин,Обед,Вечер (Bulgarian);  Umaga, Tanghali at Gabi,Сутрин,Обед,Вечер(Bulgarian);  You're the Only One I See, to the Point That It Saddens Me;  في الصباح و في الظهر و في المساء (Arabic);  朝も、昼も、夜も。 
Release Year2002
Status Completed
Author Aoki Kotomi 
Artist Aoki Kotomi 
Genres DramaRomanceSchool LifeShoujo 
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Asa mo, Hiru mo, Yoru mo
High school student Shinobu resents men, for she had been harassed by a classmate in her junior high years. One of her current classmate Yokomizu has a crush on her, yet misfortune fell upon him for he looks quite like the person who had harassed her, thus she dislikes him more than any other men. Approaching Shinobu has become a daunting task for Yokomizu, for the slightest aggresiveness could scare her away
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