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Alternative Name(s) Aruhi Sora kara Totsuzen ni;  From Up Above;  ある日空から突然に。 
Release Year2006
Status Ongoing
Author Kurekoshi Sakuya 
Artist Kurekoshi Sakuya 
Genres MatureRomanceSupernaturalYaoi 
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Aruhi Sorakara Totsuzen ni
Rampant raijuu, seductive snake gods, and a boy priestess...From Up Above takes buddhist myth and mixes it up with an ample serving of boys love. As a typical high school student, Yuuto's never even heard of a raijuu (thunder god) before..nonetheless, the power of the weather is a very handy thing to have. But using a god's power doesn't come free, and even if it's convenient, is that kind of power worth paying a price so steep
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