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Alternative Name(s) 7 Ways to Become Absolutely Beautiful;  If Became a Beauty One Day;  If I Became a Beauty One Day;  ある日美人になったら;  思いっきりキレイになる7つの方法 
Release Year2000
Status Ongoing
Authors Yorita MiyukiMizuki MioNakamura MihoTakeda YotsubaAmagaya ChiakiOno NatsumiMakimura Kumi 
Artists Yorita MiyukiMizuki MioNakamura MihoTakeda YotsubaAmagaya ChiakiOno NatsumiMakimura Kumi 
Genres DramaOne ShotRomanceShoujo 
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Read Direction Read from Right to Left (manga style)
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Aru Hi Bijin ni Nattara
This one shot is contained in a book called 7 Ways to Become Absolutely Beautiful (Omoikkiri Kirei ni Naru 7 Nana -tsu no Houhou) (思いっきりキレイになる7つの方法). This will be the only story we do in this book.

Additional information about this book is as follows: No one will call you ugly again! You'll become beautiful and score a fabulous love!! Because this is a collection of super techniques to make you absolutely beautiful!
From ShoujoMagic 
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Aru Hi Bijin ni Nattara Vol.01 Ch.001
Dec 11th, 2017