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Alternative Name(s) アラタのツクモガミ 
Release Year2010
Status Completed
Author Katayama Yousuke 
Artist Katayama Yousuke 
Genres ActionOne ShotRomanceShounenSupernatural 
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Read Direction Read from Left to Right (manhwa style)
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Arata no Tsukumogami
In the hopes of pleasing his childhood friend and crush, Chiharu, Arata agreed to help her clean out an old warehouse from her grandfather. But what neither of them knew was that the warehouse contained "tsukumogami" ancient objects imbued with life. When Arata accidentally broke the seal on a box containing an artifact that hungered for vengeance against humanity, Chiharu was kidnapped! Now it is up to Arata and the good, loyal artifacts to rescue Chiharu before it is too late!
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Arata no Tsukumogami Ch.001
Dec 11th, 2017