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Alternative Name(s) The Collected Short Stories of Gosho Aoyama;  青山剛昌短編集;  青山剛昌短編集 4番サード 
Release Year1994
Status Ongoing
Author Aoyama Gosho 
Artist Aoyama Gosho 
Genres ActionMysteryRomanceSci-fiShounen 
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Aoyama Gosho Tanpenshuu
The original collection of Aoyama's short stories. Ranging from sci-fi to romance, and the right out wacky, these stories are a must read for any fan of his other works!

1) Detective George's Mini Huge Cases: Calling on the Great Detective!

2) Detective George's Mini Huge Cases: The Monster of the Ice Country

3) Detective George's Mini Huge Cases: I Am A Dentist

4) Play It Again

5) Excalibur

6) Santa Claus of the Summer

7) Wait for A Little While

8) The Wandering Red Butterfly
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