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Alternative Name(s) Ansatsusha wa Ou wo Kirau;  Ansatsusha wa Uo wo Kirau;  The Assassin Dislikes Fish;  暗殺者;  暗殺者は魚を嫌う 
Release Year2007
Status Ongoing
Author Takaguchi Satosumi 
Artist Takaguchi Satosumi 
Genres DramaYaoi 
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Ansatsusha wa Sakana wo Kirau
"When you want me to do work, please choose a sunny day". "Pray. The only thing you can do is to pray". Yakumo is a killer who hates fish and is afraid of water. He was bought from a Karachi Boss by the Isseikaiakeno Group. He only follows the leader's right hand man, Yoshitaka, and pesters him for a "reward" after every job. Both are drowning deeply in this mysterious relationship between a man and a boy-a hard-drawn gem of Roman picaresque.

Features characters from Loyal Dog and   ...more
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