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Alternative Name(s) If I Had Embraced You That Day;  If Only I Held You That Day...;  Zawrócić Czas (Polish);  あの日のきみを抱きしめたなら;  如果那天有緊緊擁抱你的話;  擁抱那一天的你 
Release Year2008
Status Completed
Authors Sakiya HaruhiSakira Haruhi 
Artist Yamamoto Kotetsuko 
Genres ComedyDramaRomanceShounen-AiYaoi 
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Read Direction Read from Right to Left (manga style)
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Ano Hi no Kimi wo Dakishimeta nara
Ever since Hidetoshi told his best friend Kengo that he was gay at graduation, and Kengo responded with "We'll always be friends no matter what," Hidetoshi was determined to keep things that way. Though Kengo realized that Hidetoshi probably wanted to confess to him, he keeps his mouth shut in fear of ruining their relationship. But when Hidetoshi gets involved with an abusive boyfriend, Kengo feels that he can no longer just sit back and watch...
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