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Ano Hi Bokura wa Koutei de   Follow

Alternative Name(s) Romance at Our School;  あの日僕らは校庭で;  給我你的翅膀 
Release Year2007
Status Completed
Author Umetarou  
Artist Umetarou  
Genres DramaRomanceSchool LifeYaoi 
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Read Direction Read from Right to Left (manga style)
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Ano Hi Bokura wa Koutei de
1, 4) High-school student and tattoo artist Tohru is holding a secret love for his friend. So when he's confessed to by his junior he turns the boy down flat. But Katsumi isn't one to give up easily.

2, 5) Former students and current sensei's Kikawa and Meguro had a relationship as children. But that was all over years ago, right? So why can't Kikawa stop thinking about Meguro?

3, 6) Student Katahana can't help but wonder why his close friend Tohmune always wears an undershirt. What exactly is he trying to hide underneath his clothes?

7-10) All the romances intertwine as we see a little of each couple in each story.
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