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Alternative Name(s) Anime Shop Manager;  アニメ店長 
Release Year2003
Status Ongoing
Author Kazuhiko Shimamoto 
Artist Kazuhiko Shimamoto 
Genres ActionComedyShounen 
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Read Direction Read from Right to Left (manga style)
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Anime Tenchou
Anime Tenchou - the title given to the manager of an Animate chain store. A young man was entrusted with this position after the old one was ambushed and beaten to death by some shady people. Thus begins his ridiculous adventures as an Anime Tenchou... (Slapstick Comedy genre)
From BH007 
ChapterOnline ReaderDate Added
Anime Tenchou Vol.01 Ch.002
Dec 11th, 2017
Anime Tenchou Vol.01 Ch.001
Dec 11th, 2017