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Alternative Name(s) Ane Mone Seikaten;  Ane☆Mone Florist;  Ane☆Mone Flower Shop;  Ane☆Mone Seikaten;  アネ☆モネ 生花店;  アネ☆モネ生花店~南マキ傑作短編集~;  アネ☆モネ生花店~南マキ傑作短編集~;  秋牡丹☆鲜花店MINAMI MAKI杰作短篇集 
Release Year2009
Status Completed
Author Minami Maki 
Artist Minami Maki 
Genres ComedyOne ShotRomanceShoujo 
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Read Direction Read from Right to Left (manga style)
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Ane-Mone Seikaten
Ane☆Mone Seikaten
A cute and funny little story about a baby-faced high school girl Mone Saeki who inadvertently falls in love with a grade schooler Ren Anesaki!

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ChapterOnline ReaderDate Added
Ane-Mone Seikaten Vol.01 Ch.004
MF   RM   MH  
May 29th, 2016
Ane-Mone Seikaten Vol.01 Ch.003
MF   RM   MH  
May 29th, 2016
Ane-Mone Seikaten Vol.01 Ch.002
MF   RM   MH  
May 29th, 2016
Ane-Mone Seikaten Vol.01 Ch.001
MF   RM   MH  
May 29th, 2016