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Alternative Name(s) Ane Comi;  Ane-Comi;  Anekomi;  あねコミ;  漫画家姐姐 
Release Year2009
Status Ongoing
Author Inoue Kazurou 
Artist Inoue Kazurou 
Genres ComedyEcchiMatureRomanceSeinen 
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Read Direction Read from Right to Left (manga style)
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Ane Komi
The one thing not ordinary about high school student Ryouta is that he has an aspiring manga artist for an older sister. She is so dedicated to her drawing that, despite being 21, she's never really been in a romantic situation. Unfortunately, when she gets her first real job, it's to write an erotic manga. Desperately, she enlists the reluctant Ryouta's help, as a 'model', to figure out how exactly to draw this sort of manga.

The girl, Mana, has no problem with seeing the scenes she plays with her brother as nothing but a hollow reference for her works.... But she fails to realize that her brother seems to become more and more flustered with each 'live   ...more
ChapterOnline ReaderDate Added
Ane Komi Vol.02 Ch.009
Mar 13th, 2017
Ane Komi Vol.01 Ch.009
MR   MH  
Jun 27th, 2016
Ane Komi Vol.01 Ch.008
MR   MF   RM   MH  
Apr 13th, 2015
Ane Komi Vol.01 Ch.007
MR   MF   RM   MH  
Apr 13th, 2015
Ane Komi Vol.01 Ch.006
MR   MF   RM   MH  
Dec 31st, 2011
Ane Komi Vol.01 Ch.005
MR   MF   RM   MH  
Feb 12th, 2011
Ane Komi Vol.01 Ch.004
MR   MF   RM   MH  
Feb 12th, 2011
Ane Komi Vol.01 Ch.003
MR   MF   RM   MH  
Feb 12th, 2011
Ane Komi Vol.01 Ch.002
MR   MF   RM   MH  
Feb 12th, 2011
Ane Komi Vol.01 Ch.001
MR   MF   RM   MH  
Feb 12th, 2011