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Alternative Name(s) La Folle Princesse Rouge (French);  Lunatic Red Princess (English);  赤姫乱心 
Release Year2008
Status Completed
Author Yamamoto Nobuyo 
Artist Yamamoto Nobuyo 
Genres JoseiOne ShotRomanceSchool LifeShoujo 
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Read Direction Read from Right to Left (manga style)
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Akahime Ranshin
Akagi Erika is a classical literature teacher at a high school. One day, she scolds a male student, Usami Rento, for wearing perfume to school. However, she later finds out that the sweet scent isn't from perfume but from incense that's soaked into the kimono he wears, for Usami Rento is actually a famous kabuki actor playing female roles. Erika watches a performance of Usami's out of curiosity, and finds herself gradually drawn to this strange student...
From Aerandria Scans 
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Akahime Ranshin Vol.01 Ch.000
MF   MH  
Jun 5th, 2017