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Alternative Name(s) Aitsu no Heart ni Hi wo Tsukero;  アイツのハートに火を点けろ 
Release Year2003
Status Completed
Author Mizuna Mai 
Artist Mizuna Mai 
Genre Yaoi 
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Read Direction Read from Left to Right (manhwa style)
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Aitsu no Heart ni Hi wo Tsukero!
Kaduki Haruto runs away from his Old Japanese Court Music family, after he discovered that he likes modern music. His family is opposed to him being involved with anything but traditional music. Amamiya Keigo finds Kaduki singing in front of his apartment building. Kaduki collapses and Amamiya takes him to his apartment and cares for Kaduki, as though Kaduki were a stray cat. Kaduki begs to be allowed to stay and work for Amamiya. Amamiya agrees. What happens next?
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