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Alternative Name(s) Aisotsukashi;  Aisotsukashi: Love's Patient Exhaustion;  Back to Love (French);  Tired of Waiting for Love;  愛想尽かし;  爱已到尽头 
Release Year2009
Status Completed
Author Aida Saki 
Artist Yamada Yugi 
Genres DramaYaoi 
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Read Direction Read from Right to Left (manga style)
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Aiso Tsukashi
Here we get to follow a story about Sawaragi from Takaga Koi daro.
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ChapterOnline ReaderDate Added
Aiso Tsukashi Vol.01 Ch.006.5
MF   MH  
Mar 6th, 2017
Aiso Tsukashi Vol.01 Ch.006
MF   MH   RM  
Mar 6th, 2017
Aiso Tsukashi Vol.01 Ch.005
MF   MH  
Mar 6th, 2017
Aiso Tsukashi Vol.01 Ch.004
MF   MH  
Mar 6th, 2017
Aiso Tsukashi Vol.01 Ch.003
MF   MH  
Mar 6th, 2017
Aiso Tsukashi Vol.01 Ch.002
MF   MH  
Mar 6th, 2017
Aiso Tsukashi Vol.01 Ch.001
MF   MH  
Mar 6th, 2017