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Ai wa Noroi no Nihon Ningyou   Follow

Alternative Name(s) Ai is a Cursed Japanese Doll;  あいは呪いの日本人形♥;  小爱是日本诅咒人偶 
Release Year2008
Status Ongoing
Author Suihei Kiki 
Artist Suihei Kiki 
Genres ComedyEcchiShounenSupernatural 
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Read Direction Read from Right to Left (manga style)
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Ai wa Noroi no Nihon Ningyou
Figures are one of the many things that otakus love. Kotobuki is one of those otakus that love figures. One day he looks through his aunt's storage and finds a Japanese doll. His aunt warns him that the doll is cursed and has been put away for a long time due to this.

So what?

Kotobuki only sees the Japanese doll, named Ai, as another figure to add to his collection. Ai, existing as a doll to scare off people, feels insulted that her scares aren't working, but at the same time she realizes that Kotobuki isn't just an otaku, he has pride and love for figures, and Ai is no exception
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