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Alternative Name(s) Esprimo un amore con il mio corpo;  愛はカラダで語るもの 
Release Year2004
Status Completed
Author Tsukihara Mayuri 
Artist Tsukihara Mayuri 
Genres ComedyMatureOne ShotSchool LifeYaoi 
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Ai wa Karada de Kataru Mono
Collection of oneshots. Very steamy!

1) When violated by the perverted school doctor, Mizuru calls out the name of his best friend Natsura. But it's his best friend, he can't possibly be in love with him...right?! With Natsura being mute and Mizuru not being true to his real feelings, will these best friends have a happy (and smex-filled) ending?

2) Ibuki has known that he is different from other boys since he was 12, but he has been able to keep it a secret. However, his dad's new Italian apprentice (who wants to bathe together!) is about to shatter Ibuki's resolve!

3) Hachiya always felt Hozumi's eyes on him in high school, but never talked to  ...more
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