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Alternative Name(s) Ai hercegnő - Szerelem és titok;  Ai hercegnő - Szerelem és titok(Hungarian);  Ai Hime;  Ai Hime - Love and Secret;  Ai Hime Ai to Himegoto;  Ai?Hime ~Love and Secret~;  Ai・Hime ~Love and Secret~;  Bí Mật Tình Yêu;  Love princess- Love and Secret;  Princesa del amor (Spanish);  حب و سر (arabic);  حُب وَ أسرار;  あいひめ;  あい・ひめ - 愛と秘めごと;  あい・ひめ~愛と秘めごと~;  爱·秘密;  爱秘密 
Release Year2006
Status Completed
Authors Mitsuki KakoKako Mitsuki 
Artists Mitsuki KakoKako Mitsuki 
Genres DramaRomanceShoujo 
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Ai Hime - Ai to Himegoto
Mao a 16 year old girl by chance after following a cat encounters a handsome man sleeping underneath a blossoming sakura tree. She approaches him and he unexpectedly awakens and kisses Mao. Yet, as fate would have it, the mysterious stranger is actually, Jin, her uncle, though they are not related by blood and he is chosen by Mao's parents to be her guardian as her parents are working abroad. But how will Mao handle her blossoming feelings for her 'uncle' while living with him under the same roof
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